Charlize Controls Her Nudity
Now that she's a bigtime Oscar winning actress, don't expect any hot, gratuitous nudity from Charlize Theron anymore. The statuesque South African beauty, who's memorably doffed her clothes in The Devil's Advocate and 2 Days In The Valley, says that the days of unnecesarily nudity are behind her and she's even got it written into her contracts now. While it almost seemed that the blonde had to go nude before, as she's gotten naked in most of her pre-Oscar films, now she's not interested in showing her cute little cans for no reason.

Charlize will shoot the nudity, but once she's screened the film she can demand that that director cut her butt out if she disapproves. She explains, I always have it in my clause that if I see the film and I don't think it's appropriate or I do feel like somebody is trying to take advantage of me I can pull it. I like having that trust with the director, where you don't have to shoot it in these barriers of, 'You can only shoot this, or shoot that,' because then there's really no room for anything good to happen. I don't think I could ever do those scenes unless I have complete trust in the director. It's not like, 'You can only show my left nipple and not my right nipple.' I'm more like, 'Shoot it the way you really feel it needs to be shot and let me see it.'" So at least there's some hope.

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