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Top 10 Hot International Celebs
1.  Billie Piper
2. Diane Kruger
1. Billie Piper
2. Diane Kruger
3. Asia Argento
4. Emmanuelle Beart
3. Asia Argento
4. Emmanuelle Beart
5. Aishwarya Rai
6. Nakama Yukie
5. Aishwarya Rai
6. Nakama Yukie
7.  Natalia Vodianova
8. Holly Valance
7. Natalia Vodianova
8. Holly Valance
9. Ziyi Zhang
10. Musetta Vader
9. Ziyi Zhang
10. Musetta Vader
Marion Cotillard in Public Enemy
Marion Cotillard 1Marion Cotillard 2Marion Cotillard 3
Marion Cotillard plays the role of Johnny Depp's girlfriend in the 2009 movie "Public Enemies" and has an extremely intimate sex scene. She sheds her clothes and appears fully nude in the scene. Showing off her boobs and trimmed bush will definitely entice her male audience to watch the movie.
Sophie marceau Exposed
Sophie marceau Exposed 1Sophie marceau Exposed 2Sophie marceau Exposed 3
French tickler Sophie Marceau's nude scenes seem to outnumber her clothed clips! Guess that's why French Cinema is so popular. Sophie apparently likes to get down and dirty in typical French style not only in her films but on the red carpet. Her "nip slips" are more than a flash but the full tit shot. Accidental or just exhibitionism?
Find who Carla Bruni was before becoming France's first lady?
Carla Bruni Nude 1Carla Bruni Nude 2Carla Bruni Nude 3
Before becoming the First Lady of France, Carla Bruni was involved in some pretty shocking sex scandals and even posed nude for a payday.
Carla Bruni Nude 4Carla Bruni Nude 5Carla Bruni Nude 6
Hot Bollywood
Kareena Kapoor
Bollywood - Kareena Kapoor Nude
Asishwarya Rai
Bollywood - Asishwarya Rai Nude
Preity Zinta
Bollywood - Preity Zinta Nude
Lavy Rohatgi
Bollywood - Lavy Rohatgi Nude

Monica Bellucci Nude
Monica Bellucci Nude Monica Belluci has been baring her breast on film for years, now she's nude and pregnant
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